Introduction to ALIADA, Automatic publication under Linked Data Paradigm of Library Data (July 2015)

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Public webinar for researchers, librarians, museums, curators, documentalists, IT developers and SMEs on the Introduction to ALIADA, an innovative open source tool to easily publish library and museum data as Linked Data. Marta González, technical coordinator of the project, will be the presenter (Expert on Semantic Technologies at ICT - European Software Institute Division of Tecnalia)

Target audience

Librarians, curators and other staff from libraries and museums, IT developers and SMEs, research projects on Semantic Web or Linked Data, European projects, public institutions.


ALIADA is an open source tool that allows libraries and museums to easily convert, link and publish their data as Linked Data. If you can export your metadata as MARCXML or LIDOXML, you can choose ALIADA as your ‘ally’ in the challenge of liberating cultural institutions from their current data silos and integrating library and museum data onto the Semantic Web. ALIADA is a web-application tool that can be integrated to the current library or museum management system supporting the entire cycle of publishing library and museum’s metadata in the Linked Data Cloud. The main elements of the application are the input files validator, the RDFizer, the linking feature and the CKAN publisher. The usability is a key aspect in ALIADA because it’s non-expert user oriented. ALIADA is open source and multilingual.

About the main presenter

Marta González is part of the ALIADA Consortium and she is in charge of the technical coordination of the project. BSc in Computing Engineering from the University of the Basque Country (1994). She has a master on Manufacturing Advanced Technologies from Basque Country Univ. (1995). She has a working experience of more than 15 years. She currently holds a position as a principal researcher and Semantics Manager at TECNALIA’s OPTIMA unit since 2000. She is the product manager of ack® “Accessing corporate knowledge” ( She is a reviewer of the Spanish Ministry of Education & Science. She is a reviewer of Dyna magazine (Spanish Industrial Engineers Association) and CIAWI 2007 to 2012 conferences. She has a number of publications on well-known events in the semantics research field. She has published a project as a W3C use case in semantic web in 2009.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - 14:30