Path of Exile Xbox 1 3.1.1d Patch Notes

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Path of Exile Xbox 1 3.1.1d Patch Notes

Path of Exile has updated poe currency Xbox One 3.1.1d, Within this Post, PoeCurrencyBuy Will share Skill Behaviour Improvements, Abyss League Improvements, Monster Balance, Map and Atlas Balance, New Options, And Bug Fixed in Poe Xbox A single 3.1.1d for you personallyYou may now precisely target precisely where to throw traps making use of LT.
You can also precisely target where to work with Mirror Arrow using LT. Mirror Arrow now aims enemies by default, as opposed to a fixed distance out of your character.
Vaal Storm Call now targets an enemy's place by default.
Slightly modified the behavior of Flicker Strike to much better operate although moving and targeting enemies who're not in range.
Enhanced target prioritization. You will now additional reliably target nearby enemies.

The likelihood of encountering one of the Lich bosses at the end of an Abyss at level 75 maps and above is now three instances as likely. The possibility of meeting a lich amongst level 70-74 has been improved even further, bringing it as much as match the chance of a level 75 map.
Added a minimap show icon that moves as the Abyss crack travels along the ground.
The Nicely Creeper from Abysses fan of blades has been adjusted to complete less damage on hit, but deal total Damage when the leaves explode.The initial Hit the whirling charge utilized by Threshers and Risen Threshers from Abysses along with the Ullman Lich encounter has had its harm reduced.
Further improvements have created towards the visibility of Abyss cracks.
The bounding box for Abyssal Depths entrance has decreased in size.
Abysses happen to be disabled from appearing in the Apex of Sacrifice and the Alluring Abyss to stop a widespread instance crash.The Volatile Dead Helmet enchantment that destroyed further corpses was destroying other bodies than was initially intended. The magic will now only be available from the Eternal Labyrinth, and all existing versions of this enchantment will likely be changed to ensure that Volatile Dead can just destroy up to 1 additional corpse, down from 2/3 further now

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